Top 5 enchantments in the last patch

Minecraft 1.18 introduced a huge expansion to cave generation in Overworld. Caves have not seen an update in a while, and "Caves and Cliffs Part 2" delivered.

Caves and Cliffs 2 changed the distribution of ore in the Overworld, encouraging players to try different strategies to find ores.

The most efficient methods of mining in Minecraft are still cave exploration and strip mining. With the help of enchantments players can get the most from their mining sessions. These five enchantments should be used when mining in Minecraft 1.18.

5) Feather Falls

The Feather Fallsing enchantment, a defense enchantment, will be a lifesaver for Minecraft 1.18's new caves. In the latest Minecraft version, players can find large empty caves known as cheese caves. These caves could prove dangerous to their safety.

The new caves will require players to be careful as one mistake can lead to death. Players can decrease fall damage by using Feather Falling Enchantment.

4) Unbreaking

The Unbreaking enchantment should be obtained by players looking for diamond ore in Minecraft 1.18. The ideal height to locate diamond ores is currently around Y-59.

All diamond ores below Y0 are converted into deepslate diamond ore. To find diamond ores, players will need to mine deepslate blocks. These blocks have higher durability points than stones blocks, and can result in many broken pickaxes. Mining sessions can be extended without worrying about equipment failure with the Unbreaking enchantment.

2) Mending

Mending, like Unbreaking is another essential enchantment to mine in Minecraft 1.18. Players will need to deal with the Overworld's deepslate blocks, which can be difficult to break.

Deepslate mining will quickly reduce the equipment's durability points. To quickly repair pickaxes, players can use the Mending Enchantment and continue mining.

2) Efficiency

Efficiency is a very useful and simple enchantment for Minecraft. To increase their mining speed, players can enchant their pickaxes using Efficiency. Players can mine quickly through the deepslate layer of Minecraft's 1.18 update with Efficiency enchantments.

1) Fortune

For Minecraft 1.18, Fortune was the most effective enchantment to mine ores in Minecraft. A Fortune III pickaxe can give players up to four diamonds per ore. The same effect is available for other ores.