Minecraft streamer

The Minecraft Championship (MCC All-Stars) is rapidly approaching and teams were announced for the final MCC showdown. Famous Minecraft streamers TommyInnit and Philza form one of the teams. Technoblade, their best friend, will not be participating.

Technoblade has been diagnosed with cancer recently and is now mostly inactive and focusing on his health. Wilbur Soot, who was streaming a stream recently, mentioned how much he misses Technoblade. He begged him to participate in the tournament.

Wilbur Soot, a Minecraft streamer, explains how he begged Technoblade for MCC participation

Wilbur Soot spoke briefly about the Minecraft Championship All-Stars during his stream. He said that he would be collaborating with TommyInnit and Philza. He stated this shortly afterward, approximately 7 seconds into the video.

Then he pulled out his chats from stream with Technoblade, in which they discussed the upcoming Minecraft Championship All-Stars. Wilbur Soot had previously asked Technoblade whether he would be interested in joining the tournament. He revealed his surprise at Techno's answer shortly into the video.

Technoblade refused to comply. Wilbur explained that Techno understood his situation completely and didn't want to ask any further questions.

Soon, Wilbur switched the conversation to Tubbo who basically fills in for Technoblade. He talks about how great Tubbo is at playing and how he fits in perfectly with the 'Sleepy Bois,' which fills the shoes of Technoblade. Wilbur stated this about a minute in to the video:

Wilbur Soot then explains why he and the other members are so close to Tubbo, and how they feel comfortable with him. Wilbur regrettably mentions that he misses Technoblade at the end of the video.