Items that might save you in the end

Tue Jan 24. 2023

Items that might save you in the end

Minecraft is a game that offers endless possibilities. However, there is an end. To effectively complete the game, players will need to go to the End realm and defeat the Ender dragon. They should be prepared for the unforgiving terrain before they venture into this dangerous realm.

The End realm is a place that can't be reached and where players will die if they fall. There are many islands suspended in the air that can be separated from one another. Players should always have an inventory of essential items, even after they defeat the Ender Dragon.

5) Carved Pumpkin

Players can avoid Enderman encounters by wearing a carved pumpkin helmet. Enderman can't identify players who are wearing a carved Pumpkin as a helmet.

4) Ender Chest

Players might find themselves in need of some essential items while exploring the realm. It is a good idea to keep an ender chest in your inventory. The chest can be used to store food and potions that are important to players.

3) The Totem of Undying

When traversing dangerous realms, a totem of undying can be a useful item. It is useless if players drop into the void. However, it can still be used if there are lots of Enderman and Shulkers.

2) Strong Blocks

This realm has islands that are not connected, so it can be difficult to navigate between them. As players attempt to bridge the gaps between islands, two or three stacks can be helpful. You can also use blocks to create safehouses within the realm.

1) Ender Pearls

Ender Pearls are the most essential item you can have when exploring the End realm. Ender pearls are able to teleport players anywhere they throw them. Even if they are falling into the void, players can still throw ender pearls at the block's surface to teleport.