Best mobs to farm in Minecraft

Minecraft's infinite world tests survival skills. There are many hostile mobs that can attack you.

Minecraft divides mobs based on how they behave towards players. There are three types of mobs: neutral, passive, and hostile. While passive mobs are friendly towards players, neutral mobs can become hostile if they are attacked.

Hostile mobs attack all players within their reach and are aggressive. This article will discuss the most hostile mobs found in Minecraft.

5) Skeletons

Skeletons are one the most famous Minecraft mobs. This mob can be found in both the Overworld or the Nether. Skeletons are able to drop bones, arrows and other equipment.

A skeleton spawner can be used to create an XP farm and provide a source of arrows and bones. These can be used to farm music discs.

4) Ghasts

To respawn the Ender dragon, one must farm ghasts. Players will need to create end crystals with ghast tears in order to revive Minecraft's last boss.

Ghast farms also produce ghast tears, gun powder, and ghast milk. Both of these materials can be used by players to destroy netherracks or uncover ancient debris.

3) Evokers

Evokers are one of the most dangerous mobs in Overworld. They can use lethal magic attacks and are a miniature-boss illager type mob.

Evokers can be found in woodland mansions and spawn during pillager raids. Players will receive a totem that can undeath if they defeat this mob. You can escape death in Minecraft by using this item.

2) Remove skeletons

The rare mob of wither skeletons is found only in the nether castles. These mobs are taller and more powerful than regular skeletons. They also wield a stone sword.

These skeletons can cause a temporary wither effect that lasts for a few seconds. To have rare wither skulls, players can defeat wither-skeletons.

1) Shulkers

The only Minecraft mob that cannot move is the Shulkers. After taking too much damage, these mobs in cube form tend to teleport.

Although shulkers are annoying to defeat, they can also drop valuable and useful drops. After being defeated, shulker shells are dropped by them. These shells can be used to make shulker boxes. Players can store 30 stacks of items in one inventory slot with shulker boxes.

These are not the only uses for hostile mobs in Minecraft. They can be harvested by players for XP or their drops.